QR Code for a Sample Landing Page

QR Code for a Marketing Campaign

QR Code – coded web links for the smart phone user & coffee set !!

QR (Quick Response) Codes* are designed to be scanned using a smartphone and will instantly transfer information from the printed page to a web page. For example, scanning a QR Code allows a smartphone user to go directly to a website or to save details about you or respond to your promotion via their phone. There are many situations where using these codes will greatly enhance your marketing promotions, and add fun and interest for your prospects and clients.

QR Sandwich Board Man

QR Sandwich Board Man

Examples in use are Estate Agents (advertising property details in newspapers and Sunday supplements), Car retailers (advertising sales campaigns in papers and linking to the full campaign online).

If you want to give it a try, scan the QR code on this page with your smartphone or iPad and link to our website!

Exactis can create a QR code for your printed stationery and a website or landing page for the event you are promoting or item you are selling!

* QR Code is trademarked by Denso Wave, Inc.