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You may remember my post regarding saving artwork files at home to send to a commercial printer and I touched briefly on where you can find royalty free images, I’m going to expand on that here and give you what I think are some of the top places to get free images that you can use in your artwork…..

Always remember when choosing an image that it *must* be royalty free and copyright free for you to be allowed to use it on your blog, publication, leaflet – whatever you are making, so ALWAYS check before you go ahead and use it!

www.freeimages.com – this site is related to iStock, and looks to me like it uses the images that didn’t quite make the grade! Like most of these sites, you need to sign up, but it is free. There’s a huge selection, not all are great, but have a good search and there’ll be something suitable. Some of the contributors like you to give them a credit in your artwork but no costs are involved, just worth checking the “usage” criteria for the photo you select, sometimes a quick email to the contributor is all it takes.



www.dreamstime.com – Again, sign up for free and away you go. Lots to choose from and they only ask for a credit on your piece of artwork, they even provide a suggested line of text for said credit, so couldn’t be easier.




www.pixabay.com – this site is smashing, no sign up required and really fab images. Just search for your subject matter, choose the one you like and right click to download – very easy to use, probably my favourite.





www.stockphotosforfree.com – This is the “sister site” of Graphic Stock (where you do pay for pictures) so looks like the images aren’t quite good enough for the main site but will work for some projects. Bit of a disappointing choice of pictures – my chosen keyword is “cake” (as you can probably tell!) and a choice of just 15 images came up, but worth a look as you may just find a hidden gem!





www.morguefile.com – the name put me off a little bit with this one but actually it’s great! Lots of choice and no sign up required There’s also an awesome “classroom” section which gives tutorials, hints and tips on photography, and a #quest which is a “photo a day” type challenge, so lots more to this site than meets the eye. Well worth a browse around.





www.unsplah.com – this site’s a bit different to the others mentioned here, but is super cool! The image below pretty much says it all, you subscribe and then 10 high res images land in your inbox every day, and they are fabulous, top drawer photographs at that! The site isn’t too easy to navigate when it comes to searching for an image (nothing at all popped up for “cake!”) but the photographs are beautiful. It’s more of a “this pic is so great I’ll save it for when I might need it” kinda site. Well worth a look.




I’m sure there’s loads more of these sites out there, but this is a pretty good selection and I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for amongst them – if you have a favourite that’s not mentioned here please comment below, would love to check them out.

Lucy xxxx







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