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So I’ve been harping on for the last 2 months about us printing Christmas Cards for schools, and it’s been a great success – we have printed 15,855 cards in total which is definitely our best year yet! I think that’s probably it for this year now so I’ve put together this step by step guide to show you the process of making the cards from beginning to end – it’s interesting, honest!

Step 1

We supply the class teacher with a pile of blank templates for the children to draw on, they get all creative with them and they come back to us a few days later in a great big pile like this!

   We try to encourage the children to just use paints, crayons, pencils and pens to make them easier to scan, also, if they stick on big red noses and glitter they won’t print very well anyway! This class have used hand prints to make Reindeers, these were some of my favourite pieces this year, very creative!

The original masterpieces


Step 2

Our next job is to get all of the artwork scanned in to our computer. We do this through our baby Konica printer using the document handler, which basically means that they all fly through the scanner at once so we don’t have to do them one at a time on the scanner glass, it saves a HUGE amount of time.

We have had years when schools have stuck felt onto their designs so they needed scanning by hand – I was wondering which Christmas the cards would be ready for it took so long! Luckily this year was much more straight forward!

pic 2

Step 3

All of a sudden, as if by magic they appear on the design computer! This is where Olly lays all the drawings up and makes them “print ready”. At this stage we also add a greeting on the inside if required, and the school logo on the back. Most of the cards also have the child’s name, age and class on the back too.

pic 3

Step 4

This is when they actually start to LOOK like Christmas cards – the printing bit! We print 4 Christmas Cards per sheet of paper to make them most cost effective, here’s Geri getting the big Konica press set up and ready to go, and the first batch of cards coming off on big sheets:

pic 5

pic 4















Step 5

Next job is to get all the cards cut down to their actual size, ready to be creased in the Bindery. We do all of our finishing by hand to give the best possible quality, here you can see Geri cutting them down, and Olly making a start on the creasing!

pic 6

pic 7











 Step 6

The final stage! Now the cards are all scanned, laid out, printed, cut and creased the last job is to put them into packs. Each pack contains 6 cards with 6 envelopes, and we put them into little cellophane bags ready to go back to the school to be sent home with the children! Beautiful!

pic 9pic 8















So that’s it for another year! Hopefully we’ll be just as busy in 2013 and we’ll help even more schools with their fundraising!

Happy Christmas!

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